Sennheiser CX 3.00 :Everyday commuting headphones


The Good:

  • Brilliant Sound (plenty of bass)
  • Well designed in-ear bud
  • Blocks out noise well
  • Leaks little sound
  • Very durable

The Bad:

  • A tad expensive for what it is
  • Not great for use on mobile phones for calls

Headphone rating /5:

🎧  🎧  🎧 🎧


Price – £44.99




“High end sound” (Treble) – how clearly can you hear high pitch sounds like a violin or a flute in the background of a song? A good headphone should allow you to hear these clearly. The high end sound in my opinion generally gives people that “OMG this sounds so clear” reaction.

“Mids” – how well do the vocals in a song stand out in a song? A good headphone should allow you to hear a vocalist nice and clear – almost as if they are right infront of you.

“Low end sound” (Bass) – is the bass powerful, yet smooth? A good headphone/ earphone should be able to make you feel a gentle thump in your ear – without the music sounding crackly or distorted.

This is my first blog! And here…we…go..! I don’t know about you, but a fundamental part of my day is my music. I commute 2 – 3hrs a day, so… I NEED MUSIC FOR THE JOURNEYS!!!


Seriously, these headphones are nothing short of incredible. For in-ears, they produce such an immersive sound with a beautifully low end sound for people who (like me) love a good bassline. I suggest you crank these up to the max on whatever device you have and let the bass tickle your eardrums. I’m always left with a smile on my face and my head bouncing to whatever I may be listening to when I have these earphones in!

As good as the lows are, the highs are just as impressive. I typically listen to Hip Hop, R&B, House and UK Garage – all of which are bass-heavy genres. As a test to see how they handled more ‘poppy’ music (which generally has more treble), I listened to my Michael Jackson mix.



I always tell people before buying some headphones: listen to a few Michael Jackson tracks, as his music crosses so many genres well (a bit biased coz I love the guy)! It is all so well produced so you will have good idea as to how earphones will perform for different music tastes.

The mids could do with just a bit more polishing as sometimes the vocals in a song can get submerged under the powerful low end sound. So, as much as I love hearing bass, maybe the low end sound is a bit too over powering for some songs.


These earphones come with 3 different sized rubber ear ends (standard for a lot of earphones). They sit well in the ear and do not fall out of place easily – unless you shake your head vigorously, or they are yanked out, or – especially in London – get caught on someone’s coat or bag.

Sennheiser have started to make a lot of their earphones with a slight ‘kink’ in them, which slows them to sit much better inside the ear. I find that this minor difference in design compared to the conventional, straight, in-ear design makes the earphones feel secure in your ears, as they essentially ‘hook’ around and in to the opening of your auditory canal.

The wires will not get tangled unless you purposely tie them. Similar to most corded earphones/headphones these days – the Sennheirser CX 3.00 has a flatter cord, which looks much more slick.

These headphones are great for the gym too because they are so good in blocking out sound – really allowing you to “get into your own zone”. As I said earlier, you really can get immersed in the sound that these little bad boys produce.

Another area where the CX 3.00 really shines is while watching movies or TV shows. Since they lock sound in so well, very little noise from the outside world interrupts your listening. The CX 3.00 won’t give you a surround sound type of depth and clarity (and neither does it claim to), however, it will give you just enough to feel as though you are not being robbed of the atmosphere a scene may want to create.

Headphones/earphones have become a fashion accessory for many people. If you are looking for something to add to your style in some way, unfortunately these aren’t exactly going to make heads turn. They are understated and do their job very  very well.

The CX 3.00 can easily be used with a phone because it has a standard headphone jack (iPhone 7 you need to have an adapter: MEGA FAIL APPLE) for LISTENING ONLY. You can answer calls with these on and hear the other person but they don’t have a mic built-in, so you need to use the built-in mic on your mobile… which gets a bit messy! If seamless phone compatability is what you want from a headphone/earphone, then spend the extra £££ and get a good quality piece which will block out sound and has a mic to clearly pic up your voice.

In typical sennheiser fashion, these earphones are incredibly durable. I drop them trip on them, they get caught on coats and bags, get pulled here and there yet remain perfectly in tact. There are company brands like skullcandy where if you sneeze they will break. Not sennheiser. For the longest time, they have provided sturdy equipment and this continues in that same rich vein.

These headphones are for those who want to enjoy music and get sucked into sound yet not break the bank. Yes they are a little expensive for what you get in a standard package but they are brilliant. You can easily watch your favourite TV show or films with these as they give such a good all round sound. They are great for the gym however I wouldn’t take them on a run as they will drop out. Most of all, they are just a great daily use product for music. DO NOT BUY IF YOU INTEND TO USE IT A LOT AS A HANDSFREE OPTION.

Overall the CX 3.00 ranks in the: