Why you need more than one set of headphones…

Simple really…
Different situations call for different headphones.
Most people use headphones everyday (like me – whilst travelling to work). 

People use headphones in the gym, going on holiday, home listening, DJing etc… Believe it or not, these individual situations actually pose different obstacles to overcome:
Commuting – People talking too much B.S. on the train/bus/tram. You don’t wanna hear them, right? You will need noise cancelling headphone to suppress outside noise. Those headphones also need to look good… (maybe that’s just me)!
Gym – going for a jog on a treadmill? Earphones keep dropping out? You wanna get a set that hooks around your ears and sits in your earhole. Perhaps these headphones don’t need to look so amazing.
Travlleing on a long haul flight – want to listen to music loud and block out that baby crying constantly? Then you need a ‘comfy’ pair with little to no sound leakage and noise cancelling. Again, it may just be me but they should probably look good as well.
These are a few common scenarios in which you would ideally like a certain type of headphone. Hence, why, in my humble opinion, a minimum of two headphones should be in your arsenal to suit different situations.

If you want a mini checklist for your next purchase, drop your emails in the replys.

What do people mean when they say highs (trebles), mids and lows(bass)?  (Headphones/Earphones)

In a lot of blogs,forums,websites,reviews or even when you go into Currys to find out about headphones or sound in general, you will see/hear people throwing around the terms; Highs, mids and lows or trebles, mids and bass. Being a DJ, I am now fully aware of what these mean. However, there was a point in time where I used to say… ‘Eeerrmmm what the hell do you mean by that dude?’ when I wanted to find out about the sound I was hearing. So to try and help gain a better understanding, here is my simple breakdown of what these terms mean for headphones/earphones:

“High end sound” (Treble/Highs) – how clearly can you hear high pitch sounds like a violin or a flute in the background of a song? A good headphone should allow you to hear these clearly. The high end sound in my opinion generally gives people that “OMG this sounds so clear” reaction.

“Mids” – how well do the vocals in a song stand out in a song? A good headphone should allow you to hear a vocalist nice and clear – almost as if they are right infront of you.

“Low end sound” (Lows/Bass) – is the bass powerful, yet smooth? A good headphone/ earphone should be able to make you feel a gentle thump in your ear – without the music sounding crackly or distorted.

Disclaimer: Image used is from music.tutsplus.com and I do not claim any ownership of this image.

Image above shows the different sound references for lows (left of chart) mids (middle) and highs (right of chart) 

Hope this helps you to understand a little more about what you want to hear in your music!