Why you need more than one set of headphones…

Simple really…
Different situations call for different headphones.
Most people use headphones everyday (like me – whilst travelling to work). 

People use headphones in the gym, going on holiday, home listening, DJing etc… Believe it or not, these individual situations actually pose different obstacles to overcome:
Commuting – People talking too much B.S. on the train/bus/tram. You don’t wanna hear them, right? You will need noise cancelling headphone to suppress outside noise. Those headphones also need to look good… (maybe that’s just me)!
Gym – going for a jog on a treadmill? Earphones keep dropping out? You wanna get a set that hooks around your ears and sits in your earhole. Perhaps these headphones don’t need to look so amazing.
Travlleing on a long haul flight – want to listen to music loud and block out that baby crying constantly? Then you need a ‘comfy’ pair with little to no sound leakage and noise cancelling. Again, it may just be me but they should probably look good as well.
These are a few common scenarios in which you would ideally like a certain type of headphone. Hence, why, in my humble opinion, a minimum of two headphones should be in your arsenal to suit different situations.

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